Justin M. Newman

+1(804) 832-9881 ⋄ Woodbridge, VA

Jr. Software Engineer ⋄ justin.newman@metalinguist.com ⋄ Metalinguist LLC



Git, Linux, Java, JavaScript, Python3, C, HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL, R, React.js, DynamoDB, Firebase, Ghidra. Gaussian Elimination, CRT for Modular Exponentiation.



Applied Algorithms, Software Engineering, Computer Systems II, Discrete Structures II, Calculus II, Database Systems, Parallel and Distributed systems, Statistics, Web Development, Linear-Algebra, Machine Learning.



Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Minor study in Data Analytics Graduation


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MelodifyLabs.com (Next, Firebase, Vercel, API's) Created a full stack platform for converting user text prompts into songs. Deployed with vercel web hosting, next-generation secure authentication, OpenAI API lyric generation, utilized text-to-speech API for vocal generation. Firebase storage for mp3 file retrieval.

CSCode.org (React, Next-Auth, Tailwind CSS) Created a working full stack social media application. Implemented cutting-edge security using next auth Google authentication, Firebase administration panel, photo uploading and deletion, commenting, sharing, and liking functionalities. Profile pages and user profile photos. Used scalable systems to account for a rapidly growing community and user activity surges.

Web Dev Club (HTML, CSS, PHP, JS) Founded a Web Dev Club for like minded students and educators. We frequently held group meetings and discussed different techniques for front end web development and data visualization.



I maintain a remarkably comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity and computer systems, I adeptly employ the analytical skills required to pinpoint and exploit security vulnerabilities within various encryption strategies. Through meticulous reverse software engineering, utilizing open source solutions like the NSA’s Ghidra software, I am more than capable of infiltrating susceptible systems and recovering vital information for digital forensics investigations.


Jr Software Engineer

2/22/2023 - Present

Metalinguist is a client portal/digital storefront for the translation industry with CAT tool integrations.

During my time contracted by Metalinguist LLC I have:

  • Implemented multiple dynamic data visualization components on administrative and client dashboards.
  • Implemented various automated Playwright tests for Order creation, login, and account entitlements.
  • Enhanced field validation, ensuring data integrity and mitigating duplicate entries by implementing text field validation logic employing efficient DynamoDB queries for secure, precise, and effective validation.
  • Contributed various additional solutions and features to the Metalinguist dev team, leveraging best practices such as well organized functional components, higher-order functions, and React.js hooks.

Technical Operations

9/20/2018 - Present


During my employment I have had the priviledge to be a part of over 100 success Live Video Productions and provided diverse forms of technical assistance to various broadcast crews including iPhone screen repair, freelance software engineering, camera operation, replay-unit operation, and statistical graphics rendering.

  • Also I developed an automated open source ESPN-Inspired Athletic Statistical Graphics Rendering software that gathers individual player data for each athlete and generates ESPN-style informational graphics. Leveraged Java and Jsoup library, processing team roster URLs to efficiently collect and present the statistics. Generates graphics for entire team’s in seconds including sideline personnel, for all sports, for almost all universities.

Fulfillment Associate

Summer 2022

1200+ packages

Working as a Fulfillment Associate for Amazon was a very eye-opening experience that taught me some valuable life lessons, including empathy and respect, as well as the importance of taking initiative and working hard to achieve goals. I had the opportunity to interact with people from various backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. This exposure provided a unique opportunity for me to put myself in other people's shoes and develop a deep appreciation for the people I worked with. My manager Anisa, played a huge role in my growth and understanding of what it means to be a dedicated team member. Despite her managerial position, she didn't hesitate to take on the most difficult tasks around the facility which most likely weren't in her job description. Her commitment to her team and willingness to do the hard work alongside her subordinates set an exceptional example for everyone in the warehouse.

Anisa's dedication inspired me and my other fellow workers to strive for excellence in our roles. Her actions showed me that real leadership is not about authority but about being a role model. I learned that true leaders lead by example. There were nights when I sorted over 1200 packages per shift because I wanted Anisa to be proud. This demonstrates my strong work ethic and ability to take initiative. In my time at Amazon, I made it a personal goal to work as hard as Anisa, and I always did my part. This dedication not only helped me personally but also contributed to the overall success and efficiency of the warehouse operations. My experience at Amazon has shaped me into a more empathetic, hardworking, and proactive person.

Zipline Attendant

Summer 2021

Joining Massanutten Resort as a zipline attendant in the summer of 2021 was a heartfelt decision for me. After a particularly challenging year in college disrupted by COVID, marked by long hours of programming and academic stress while being isolated, I felt an intense desire for adventure and a break from solitude. The role provided the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature and the community. It allowed me to step away from the lockdown and into the open air. The role also helped me develop essential interpersonal skills. I honed my communication abilities and learned to empathize effectively with individuals from many different backgrounds. This experience was great, as it emphasized the importance of teamwork and adaptability, qualities that are essential. Additionally, the incentive of a free ski pass was a significant factor in my decision to work at the resort. It allowed me to enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors even during the winter months. During my time at the resort, I also discovered that when the park wasn't busy, it provided moments of reflection and personal growth. I used this time wisely to explore my creative side through poetry, allowing me to express my thoughts and emotions. Additionally, this summer I had also took on the challenge of completing calculus II, further enhancing my problem-solving skills and dedication to learning.

Chef and Food service

First semester of College

During my freshman year of college, I wanted to set a positive example and took a job at the university dining hall to work as a chef, an experience that would introduce me to Salal, a remarkable coworker and friend. Salal's story was one of courage and resilience, as he had immigrated from Iraq in search of a better life. Salal's journey to the United States was marked by significant challenges and hardships. Fleeing a war-torn homeland, he sought refuge and a chance for a brighter future for himself and his family. His struggles included adapting to a new culture, learning a new language, and navigating the complexities of immigration. Our paths crossed in the kitchen of the dining hall, where we both worked tirelessly to prepare meals for the college community. Despite the demanding nature of our job, 's spirit remained unbroken. He was unfailingly kind and gracious. One of the memorable aspects of our friendship was our shared responsibility for cleaning the hoods after long shifts. This tedious task required teamwork and attention to detail, and it provided us with a quiet opportunity to bond. As we scrubbed away the remnants of the day's cooking, we often shared stories of our respective journeys, dreams, and hopes for the future. Salal's friendship and example served as a constant reminder of the importance of empathy and understanding. Despite the challenges he faced and the prejudices he occasionally encountered, he always treated others with respect and kindness. Our time working together in that college dining hall left a lasting impression on me. Salal's story of perseverance and our enduring friendship served as a powerful reminder of the strength of the human spirit.


Course Work